Life in November

Life in November |


Apparently November was the month of the cats. This is just a small selection of the cat photos that have graced my instagram this month! They’ve all been super needy this month (especially JD!), and I think it’s because they just don’t want to go outside in the cold! When I got in on Wednesday evening I spent a couple of hours lying on the couch reading, with JD curled up next to me with his head on my arm. I was literally spooning a cat. I wish I’d gotten a photo because it was so cute. Like this.

Life in November |


I sort of got back on my blogging regime, and when I say sort of I mean I’ve planned loads but getting them written is another matter. Two posts I’m proud of this month are 7 Ways to find Blogging Inspiration, and Recycling an Old T-shirt into a Cushion. Review wise, I was lucky to receive one of the HoneyTree Stationery Boxes and Return to the Secret Garden. I’ve read a couple of good books, but I’ve really been stuck in a bit of a rut with reading recently.

Life in November |


This month I managed to eat at a new-to-me veggie restaurant and it was delicious! I also bought the Biscoff crunchy spread and it is like heaven on a bagel – a must-buy! The days after bonfire night we were treated with some beautiful skies. Not good for the atmosphere of course, but good on the eyes.

Life in November |


And of course, the big thing, my university graduation. There’s a whole post on that here, but it was a really good day and I feel like I have properly finished now. Bittersweet. I also managed to get to Gi Fletcher’s book signing in Manchester, and finally meet her! She’s soo lovely, and I’m looking forward to reading Dream A Little Christmas Dream. Whilst I was there, I picked up there two books – heard good things about them!

November has very much been a ‘me’ month. I’ve started the BBG workouts, and I’ve been focusing on what I want to photograph/write. I’ve also started working at a new job, and I’m enjoying it so far. It isn’t in media but you know, my degree will be used soon enough. I’m really hoping to eventually get into either social media/marketing/publishing maybe. It’ll come, it’ll come.

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