Life in May

I visited St Bees beach.

I’ve wanted to visit a beach all year (it’s also on my 20 things to do list!) and this trip happened because I wanted to see if I could find crabs for my final project. We found one live crab, and two dead ones… And I didn’t get any photos for my work. Nevertheless, it was a lovely day out!

Went home for a couple of weeks!

Due to my run, a dentist trip and the vote, I stayed at home for a couple of weeks this month. It was nice to be at home and away from uni, though I didn’t get much work done! Mainly binged watched Say Yes To The Dress. (And got my mum addicted!) We did bake a couple of times though, and it was great to spend time with my mum as she had days off work. Oh, and the cats!

Watched the Great City Games & took part in the Great Manchester Run

Since being at university, I’ve worked the weekends and haven’t been able to watch these on TV. This year I was there, and it was incredible! Seeing the athletes close up, racing and jumping was great. I loved it so much. Running the 10k was also an amazing experience, and one I’d definitely do again!

I snorkelled in the Farne Islands

Is that not the most unflattering photo you ever saw? Seriously though, this trip was incredible. I didn’t get the brilliant footage that I had imagined (doesn’t that always happen though?) but the experience was enough. Snorkelling in the actual British (freezing cold) sea was one thing, but seeing seals swim around me was just something else. It was really cool, and I wish it was something I could do regularly and get more practise at!

And I put up my final exhibition!

This is kind of sad and exciting at the same time. My final year at university is over. The exhibition went up last week, opened on Saturday 30th, and will close on June 5th. I should get this module’s results soon, with the overall results coming mid-June I think? I’m going to do a post on this soon enough, so watch out for that! My actual graduation is in November so it’s still 5 months off, which is kind of annoying, but I just keep telling myself that it will be lovely to see everyone after not seeing them for a while haha! Definitely a bittersweet end to the month!

How was your May?