Life in March.

Life in March

Brimbles Box; watched The Script; visited Words by the Water and watched some great talks; ran my first 10k in a good while and got a PR; watched the eclipse; held an owl; played with a gopro (and bought one!); travelled home for easter!

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Running Free – Richard Askwith
The Guest Cat – Takashi Hiraide
The Dead Wife’s Handbook – Hannah Beckerman

+ I recently blogged about my loev of Nakd bars… Well Skye posted about making your own and I need to try that!
+ I keep telling myself that I’ll start to get back into Twitter chats, but alwasy forget… Beth wrote a brilliant list of all the chats!
+ More on twitter, Katy blogged about lists – something I’d never really looked into – and why they’re great!
+ It’s getting closer… Sterling and Becky both blogged about why you should vote.
+ Here I am struggling to do a simple line of eyeliner, and you get people creating pieces of art on their eyes… Janet shared some of Tai Peleg’s work and I am amazed.
+ So who has a media kit? I don’t… after Becky’s helpful post, I’m thinking I should get making one!

How was your March?