Life in July

Life in July // What did I get up to?

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The end of an era… Cliche? Yep. Sad? Yep. It was a really strange feeling, packing up my university room and travelling home with a car filled with pretty much all my belongings. Everything crammed into whatever space it fit, overflowing into my seat. It was weird. I’ll miss being in education, I’ll miss having the independence that university brings, I’ll miss all my friends up there. But I’m also looking forward to what life brings me. I’m looking forward to getting that career started, to getting my own place. The end of an era, but also the beginning of the rest of my life.

KIN 2015

KIN2015 happened on 11th July in Manchester. It was an event run by the Vegetarian Society, and basically there were a few market stalls, cooking master classes and super interesting talks from a range of people. I didn’t attend any of the master classes, but they sounded really interesting. I wish I’d booked myself onto the Tofu one because I really want to try some! Everything was set out really well, and I loved how things looked. I’ve never been into Victoria Warehouse before, so I was pretty impressed! The market stalls had a good range including foods, shoes, clothing and information areas. I really enjoyed the talks, and my favourites in particular were both talks by Dr Neal Barnard on food and health.

lifeofkitty filofax holborn


Bygone Times is kind of like visiting a car boot… Except 10x better. When you walk in, you are just hit by how big the place is, and how much stuff is crammed in there! 100’s of little stalls had random trinkets, toys, books, furniture, frames, stamps, kitchenware – you name it! It was my first time going, and I was amazed. There are some great steals in here, and you can often find a lot of vintage items! I found so many things I wanted to buy, and whilst a lot of items there are reasonably priced, I just couldn’t justify the price for most things.


I found out about this event through facebook, and I was definitely glad I went! G72 is based in Manchester, and it is a small gym that offers personal training. It has a very intimate setting, as the gym isn’t open to just regular working out – you need to be with a trainer. This means that there will only be 3 people training at once, and it’s very likely that you’ll have your session being the only person in there! Time isn’t a restriction (as long as you’re reasonable!) as the trainers will work with you when you can get in, whether that’s midday, or in the morning/evening after work. It sounds like a really great deal, and I’m excited to book myself in for my free training session! I’d love to visit this place regularly if I do start working in Manchester. They also offer a few other services, such as diet planning, sports massages and body composition tests. You can find out more here!


Way back on April 6th, I started #The100DayProject. The idea was to pick something creative, and do it every day for 100 days. Most people were doodling/drawing/writing, but I decided to go for yoga, and also found a few others doing it. I was pretty impressed with myself for completing it… You can find the first of 5 update posts here.


Moving back home with everything that I’d collected whilst at university meant that my room ended up completely full, and really messy. I had so many books, so much craft stuff and lots of little trinkets. I filled three bin bags full of stuff to throw away before unpacking, but even then I just didn’t have enough space. I rearranged my room, bought new shelving and ended up with a space that I’m really happy with (for now!) You can see how everything works here.


And finally, I pushed my lazy self out of the door and started running again. I love exercising, and I always feel so much better after a run, but getting that initial motivation is difficult. We’ve all been there right? I looked at what would help me, and came up with some tips to get motivation back.