Life in December

The past week has been a little hectic, and I’ve pretty much spent all my waking daylight hours in work. The main reason for not liking winter, right? Dark, dark nights and that tiny window of light you get to take photos. I haven’t done too much reading either, and had hoped to do a bit of a review session! I’ve finished the first two in the Throne of Glass series this month, but I’m planning on doing a batch review of the whole series when I get through them all! I’ve read some favourites from My True Love Gave To Me, and I’ve just started what you just know is going to be a cheesy love story with a happy ending.

Anyway, instead of doing a half-hearted review, I figured I’d update you guys on what I’ve been doing in just a few sentences! It’s been a busy week, and I know my blogging and social media has been a little lacking – definitely taken a back seat. Hopefully from tomorrow evening onwards I’ll be able to sit down and catch up with all the posts on my Bloglovin’ I’ve missed and see what everyone else is up to!

Christmas Life Currently #1 |

Reading: New favourites, old favourites and currently Four Weddings and a White Christmas by Jenny Oliver (And I just realised that this is #5 and possibly the last of the series? Hmm.)

Watching: House Season 1. I’ve only ever seen random episodes, so when I saw the first season for £2.50 in CEX I thought I’d give it a go… Loving it so far!

Listening: To Christmas music of course! Actually, at work we get a really random mixture of fairly current pop songs (like One Direction), old ones (like Spice Girls…) and a few Christmas ones mixed in. Bit strange.

Christmas Life Currently #1 |

Stocking up on: Chocolate.

Eating: Too much chocolate.

Making: Even more chocolate. (And sugar cookies!)

Christmas Life Currently #1 |

Wearing: Whatever Christmas-related piece of clothing I can find. Anything to avoid the red polo at work!

Feeling: Tired! I’m on my 6th day on the run now, and it wouldn’t be too bad but I’m doing random hours. Over the weekend I’ve been on 9pm-2:45am, then a 2:45pm-10pm and then 10am-5pm. Sleeping pattern gets so messed up with the changes and the random late nights. It’s hard to wind down after a late shift – even a 10pm one – and I’m still not used to it! Looking forward to a few restful days over Christmas. Just thinking of the money! And hey, I’m liking my job.

Christmas day is just round the corner… I’m looking forward to the food mostly, but also the presents.
We all love a good present right? Oh and the annual competitive board game.