Life in December ’16

31st December 2016 3 min read

Life in December ’16

31st December 2016 3 min read

Should I carry these on for 2017? I’m not so sure I will to be honest. Felt like I should at least do a December one to finish off the year! I’m going to do a blog round up soon, pull some stats together from the year! That’ll be interesting, at least for me…

Life in December '16 |

Manchester Christmas Markets!

You just can’t beat a good pancake, am I right? Arguably the best thing about the Manchester Christmas Markets. Oh, and those ginger biscuits too… I twice, once with family and once with friends and enjoyed both times. A lot of the things there are super expensive, but the stalls are always lovely to walk around.

LUSH Event

Early December I was lucky enough to be invited to my first ever LUSH Event – the Beauty School Event at LUSH Arndale. It was a fab evening, and I definitely learnt a lot about the company through the brilliant team there. We were given handy tutorials, information on how to use certain products and even got to make our own. You can read my write up on the LUSH Arndale Beauty School Event here.

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I feel like this film needs a mention. IT WAS SO GOOD. Oh I loved the storyline. Moana and Maui were both brilliant characters and the songs are just so catchy. I’m sure you all know by now that I work in a cinema right? Well we’re obviously still showing Moana so I’ll be walking down the corridor and all of a sudden hear ‘Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay, you’re welcome!’ Then it gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day and I don’t hate it at all. I love it.


Blogmas happened! I told myself I’d do it this year and got really excited for it. I did do it, but I missed two days… Not the end of the world, I’m impressed I managed to post 22 days out of 24 to be honest! If you want to look back, all my Blogmas 2016 posts have their own category for ease.

Particular favourites include: LUSH Never Mind the Ballistics, 8 Reasons to Love Christmas, My Winter Trail Running Must-Haves & 5 Reasons Why Winter is My Least Favourite Season.

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I almost forgot about this… How ridiculous. Christmas Day itself was great, though it didn’t feel like Christmas to be honest. We went out for dinner, absolutely stuffed ourselves and spent the rest of the night playing Trivial Pursuit and eating yet more food. (Cheese and crackers, obviously)

Park Run

I successfully managed to attend every Park Run that I could (bar the days I was working) and got my Christmas Eve run in there! I was planning on doing two on New Years Day as it is possible with the two local to me, but I just honestly don’t think I’ll have the time.

I’m staying at a friends after their NYE party and the original plan was to go to my second nearest local Park Run at 9am and go to my usual at 10:30, but I’m also starting a 10 hour shift at 12:15 so yeah, I can’t go home in between the run and work. That’s why I’ll probably just do my usual at the later time, then head straight to work and change there. Maybe I’ll be up bright and early to do the 9am one… We’ll see. (Don’t hold your breath!)

Life in December '16 |


How was your December? Ready for the new year?


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