Let’s Talk About Instagram

Instagram is a topic that seems to appear a lot in twitter chats and on other blog posts, with most people torn between two sides – to have a theme, or to not have a theme. To be honest, whether an instagram has a theme or not does not affect whether I’ll follow. I generally look for photos of things that I’m interested in, a little personality and good photography. And by good photography, I just mean photos that are clear, well lit and not blurred. The odd blurry photo or ‘bad quality’ image doesn’t completely put me off, but a whole feed of just that does.

Let's Talk About Instagram | awaywithkatie.com

To theme or not?

I had a theme for a little while and I tried doing two white photos and then one dark because I liked how it looked. It didn’t last very long because I honestly just felt way too restricted. Taking photos in batches made it 10x easier, but then that also just felt a little forced. However, I did notice that when I was trying this theme out, I got a lot more likes and my followers increased a lot compared to before. We’ve all been on those instagram feeds and just looked on in awe right? A consistent theme just does look appealing to the eye. Upon giving up that theme, I decided to really think about the photos that I posted and chose to include random snapshots as well as some more set-up shots. Since doing that, my followers and engagement has gone up even more and with that I say that the quality of your feed is definitely an important factor. I’m happy with how it is looking, and I like my feed a whole lot more now.

I do still have my food instagram, although I’m not using it as much now. I like having all my food related photos in one place so you know, I do actually have a themed instagram account. I also follow plenty of others that follow this theme, and a lot of people who have a book related theme. I’m not against themes at all, and I think it just depends on what you want to post regularly.

Let's Talk About Instagram | awaywithkatie.com

Original Feed – Themed Feed – Current Feed

Real Life?

The main sort of consenus about themed instagram accounts is that they don’t show ‘real life’. I’m sure instagram actually began as a place to show snapshots of life and to share daily things, but that is changing and as a form of social media it is evolving. Of course, it still is used like that by a lot of people but as more and more brands and bloggers get involved, we’re seeing a definite change. At the end of the day, it really depends on what you want to use instagram for.

I’ve loved photography since I first studied it in high school, and when I was in college, I was constantly on Flickr. I took part in challenges (365 days and 52 weeks being the biggest!) and I loved the community that came with groups on there. I see Instagram as very similar to this.

It’s a place to share photographs and creativity in whichever form you use. I want to use my account as somewhere to really improve my photography, and that means only posting those that I personally think are ‘good’. However, I’m not restricting myself by only posting one type of thing. My ‘theme’ really depends on what I’m doing that week. Sometimes it’s a lot of reading. Sometimes a lot of writing. Sometimes just a lot of cats. In March, you’ll see a lot of travel photography on there as I revisit Lanzarote. But that’s the beauty of it. My instagram shows everything that I am into at this moment in time; it shows my life, my hobbies and my photography.


Too long, didnt read? Well basically this is me saying that I don’t have a set theme, besides trying to only post higher quality images, but I don’t hate them eiher. I do like to see a bit of personal life on there and not just blogging related images though. It’s something that I’m trying to include more of, as well as the area I live.

What do you think? Theme, no theme or indifferent like me?