Kikki K Vänskap Medium Planner

I’m a member of a few planner/filofax groups on Facebook, and every now and then someone will post something that immediately makes me spend some money. A couple of weeks ago this happened. Oh, it happened. Someone posted a photo of their Kikki K Vänskap planner and well, I was in love…

Kikki K Vänskap Medium Planner |

After that first photo, need I say any more? Really? I’ve never actually had a Kikki K planner – my collection was all Filofax up to now! I was always a little scared about getting customs charges, but then I discovered that they have a UK site as well as the Australian one. (Though, the planners are shipped from Singapore – not the UK!) Anyway, I ordered it the weekend before Good Friday, and it arrived on Easter Monday. Not bad shipping time at all considering it was coming from Singapore and had the disruption of Easter weekend!

Anyway, isn’t it just adorable! If you hadn’t guessed by the name of this blog, or the millions of cat photos that appear on my twitter, instagram or snapchat, I love cats. The Vanskap was just too cute to ignore.

When you open the planner, you’re greeted by this cute face, and a bunch of other dividers. Three say calendar, meetings and to-do, and then there are four blank ones. I think I would have preferred to get all blank ones, but you’re also given some stickers to cover them up with. I was really impressed with the little note left in the front pockets. It tells you exactly how to open the rings (Always with the tabs! Never pulling the rings apart!) which is something a lot of people don’t know. I’ve seen plenty on youtube opening their planners by pulling the rings apart and it just makes me cringe!

Kikki K Vänskap Medium Planner |

Kikki K Vänskap Medium Planner |

Kikki K Vänskap Medium Planner |

A few different inserts are included – though none of them a regular diary – as well as two sheets of stickers. You’ll find some monthly pages, meeting notes, to-do and some lined pages which have a space for a title/date. I think these last ones would be good for dailies, if that’s how you plan. The meeting notes will definitely come in use for me – I think I’ll be able to utilise them well in my new job. Monthly and to-do pages are pretty generic. The paper quality feels pretty good, and far better than the Filofax paper.

The stickers feel like paper and match the colour theme of the planner and dividers. There’s a few different titles and stickers to use on your pages. Another nice little touch was the two little notepads! A small square one for to-dos and a longer one for general notes. I’m not sure I’ll keep them in the planner, but they’ll definitely get used!

Kikki K Vänskap Medium Planner |

So what am I using this planner for? Well, it won’t be my everyday planner. Two main reasons: it’s fabric and I’m not sure it’ll hold up as well as my Filofax Holborn for just throwing in my bag every day; I’ve just started a new job, and well, it doesn’t look very professional now does it?

That’s fine though – it’ll be used as a hobby tracker of sorts. I’m trying to learn Spanish so it will mainly be used for vocab, grammar, notes and exercises for that, but with room to note down anything else I’m learning or thinking about outside that language. I was going to just use a notebook for this, but it’s handy being able to keep a file of information with the option to move things around. Once I’ve got that properly up and running, I’ll get a post up on what’s working for me.

Ever had a Kikki K before? What about tips on learning a language?


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