In love with the Original! – Personal Green

Yep, I now own a green Original Filofax in personal size! I’ve been wanting some colour for ages, as the black Finsbury is just boring me a little. This green is such a nice colour, and of course the original leather is lovely!

imageI bought this off someone as almost new. Used for two months, but you can’t tell! It’s in perfect condition. It also lies pretty flat upon opening it, and will be flat once I open to my diary. It is quite dark, but also bright at the same time. It adds a lovely dash of colour without being too in your face (yes, I’m looking at you fluoro pink original! ;) hahah!)

So I only did a set-up update quite recently, but here it is again… I think I may make a new first page. As much as I love my Harry Potter one, I feel like I need a change! I think I’ve had that for over a year! (Saying that, this will be my first ‘new’ daily filofax in almost a year!)

The pen set-up is only temporary. I’m going to order a pen loop for my four-colour, as it is so big. Currently I’m putting the ‘handle’ bit in the loop so it can sit outside of the pages (as can be seen in the last photo!)

So first I just have a couple of wallets with random bits in there.

Then it’s my notepaper!

I have my diary after that, but I’m leaving that out of this post! At the back I have more wallets with sticky notes, stickers, random cards and a photo of my Grandad in there (:

I’m not sure I will be keeping this notepad in, as I don’t think I will use it… Might just ‘trial’ it!