How To Survive Two Work’s Christmas Parties in Two Days // #10 of Blogmas ’16

Just don’t do it. Nah I’m kidding. Sort of. Last year I had no work’s Christmas parties to attend. This year I had two. Am I still alive? Just about. It was an experience to say the least! This works for two nights out in a row too…

How To Survive Two Work's Christmas Parties in One Weekend // #10 of Blogmas '16

Sunday afternoon. I’m spending it doing absolutely nothing except catching up on vlogmas/blogmas and tv shows that I’ve missed this week. I had my first Christmas party on Friday night, and the second on Saturday night. My body is hating on me. I’m not a big drinker and so I didn’t really drink that much to be honest, so my ‘hangover’ is really just being achy from being on my feet for so many hours and tired from lack of sleep.

Be Prepared

Two parties, two outfits. This was the hardest thing ever. All the dresses that I could find just didn’t suit me and I was losing the will to live. Obviously I managed to find something, but it would have been easier had I started looking earlier. I also only booked my hair last minute and had my nails done on the day as I changed my mind.

Oh and note to self: contact lenses and acrylic nails do not go well together. Decided to put my glasses in half way through the night – managed to get one out but couldn’t grab the other. Someone had to do it for me!

Don’t Go Overboard on the Alcohol

As I said above, I’m not a big drinker. It got to about half 10 and I just needed to drink a glass of water on the Friday night. I did have more alcohol when we went out round town, but I paced myself. I’m not a fan of feeling out of control so I find it easy to not drink too much really.

On the second night, I had one and a half drinks and it was quickly going to my head. Probably still had alcohol in my system from the first night to be honest! So yeah, I waited for a bit before having one last cocktail and then I was done. Look at me being Miss Sensible over here!

Look After Your Body In Between!

Mainly getting enough liquids and food in. I always try to drink plenty of water before going to sleep after a night out, and food is obviously needed to give your body the nutrition it is sorely lacking. Not gonna lie, after both nights I ate chips when I got in. So healthy and nutritious.

I managed a piece of toast in the morning, but didn’t eat until around 4pm. I did eat a proper meal though, and I felt tons better after that. Sleep is always important, but harder to get in really.

Accept The Tiredness

No matter how much you try to replenish your body, you’re still going to be suffering the next night. Getting in at 5am and only getting to sleep at 7am on the Saturday morning was not what I had in mind. Not when we’d started at 5pm the night before. Nope.

I woke up at 10am, not really hungover in the feeling sick sense, just feeling ill from lack of sleep. I sat at my laptop for a few hours trying to write a blogmas post and catching up with vlogmas videos before giving in and going back to sleep. When I woke up I felt awful, but I ate a proper meal and just told myself I would take the next party easy – which I did.

Just Enjoy It

Hey, it’s Christmas after all! And apparently calories don’t count at Christmas, or so everyone tells me. Don’t mind me, just eating everything in sight now… I would have preferred both nights out to be on different weeks, but I’m glad I managed to get to both. It’s just nice to be with everyone outside of work for a change!


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