How I’m Training For My Next Race

9th February 2019 3 min read

How I’m Training For My Next Race

9th February 2019 3 min read

It’s that time again – back to running! Here’s how I’m training for my next race…


I am back on a plan created by the coaches at Runners Connect. I was previously gifted a years membership (which is still going) and I’ve found them a huge help in my running training. So much so, I have no doubts that I’ll carry on my subscription when it runs out to get help with marathon training when the time comes. They have built me a plan to build my mileage back up, taking into account the fact that I did have a bit of an injury towards the end of 2018 and took three months off running.

With that, my training has been sectioned off into injury, build up, half marathon, race day and recovery. The injury section has so far been mostly easier runs to get my feet used to the mileage again, with a few speed sessions towards the end. I am now heading into the build up section, less than 40 days out from my planned race.

This training is including short easy runs, speed work and long runs at the moment and it’s good to have the mixture. The week is never boring. As I’m training for a 10 miler, this helps to give an all round balanced training regime. It’s not all about running long distance afterall!

So currently the plan is 4x a week running, Tuesday and Saturday generally easy, Thursday some sort of speedwork/tempo and Sunday a long run. I’m enjoying this and it means my body is constantly challenged, whilst still having enough time to rest in between the harder days. This set-up will change in the coming weeks as I get further into the training though.


That all said, I am still trying to get to the gym and do strength work. I still have weaknesses and I know I need to work on those to ensure my running stays strong and that my body can cope with it all.

Whilst I tend to hit more of a full body workout when I do go, the calves, glutes and core is where I’m putting most of my focus. All important to good running form and strength. I don’t have a plan that I’m following at the moment, but I was doing the Strong Curves regime over Christmas and really enjoyed all the leg work in that one. I think I’ll stick to doing something similar, with just a little less heavy leg focus so I’m not struggling with DOMs whilst trying to run.


Oh this one is the work in progress. I’ve started tracking what I’m eating, just to have a better visual at what’s going in my body. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it up (because this stuff is mind-numbing) but it’s needed right now.

The hardest part I find is getting enough in, and enough of the right stuff in – like apparently protein and iron is a current struggle. I’m sure I eat just fine most days and get enough calories in (if not more), but I find it hardest when I do my longer runs. I really don’t refuel well enough afterwards because I don’t always feel that hungry after them.

I’ve been living off the same old stuff week in, week out, and the lack of vegetables in my diet at the moment is abysmal. So with that, I’m really just looking to increase the vegetables, cut down on the sugar (too many sweets!) and eat better portions. Simple changes, hopefully effective changes. My body needs the nourishment!

And that’s all there is to it really. Anyone else in training mode?