How I created an office space in my bedroom.

lifeofkitty office space

Moving back home from university was strange. Here I was, back in my bedroom – yet it didn’t feel like my bedroom. Of course, over the past three years I had been home for weekend stays, holidays and random little visits, but the majority of my ‘stuff’ was still in Carlisle and bringing everything home at the end of these three years didn’t immediately make my bedroom feel like mine. It just felt messy!

I wish I had taken a before photo actually, because my bedroom has completely changed around in the short time that I have been home. (Has it really only been two weeks?!) I had two desks, both different types of wood, a small bookcase in yet another type of wood, a big bookcase in yep, you guessed it, another type of wood, my bed and my wardrobe. Deciding that I wanted everything white, I got rid of one of the desks and the small bookcase, bought a wooden shelf and painted that white and also painted the other desk white. Then white Ikea Kallax shelves entered my life, and my bedroom was complete! It’s not the best layout, but it’s the best I can get with the space I have. I still have my big (pine) bookshelf, but that is on the opposite side of my bedroom and hidden by the door, so I’m not too bothered about it. Yet.

I thought I’d give you a little shelf tour, and show how I’m utilising this space. It may be small, but as this space is so separate from my bed, it feels like I have my own little office space and so far it’s working well!

Desk Space

lifeofkitty office space

lifeofkitty office space

The shelf was originally directly above my desk, but the Kallax shelves wouldn’t fit in this wall, and the shelf had to be in the corner of the wall due to wires… Annoying, but it’s not the end of the world! The shelf just holds my beloved Harry Potter books, little trinkets and candles. I have so many little bits, and that’s why my bedroom originally looked really messy. I needed shelf space, so this was ideal. And if you’re interested in making your own little blackboard, I have a tutorial here!

My desk is somewhere that I am trying to keep as clear as possible. I have my pens, and a tray that holds everyday random bits, my key pot and a mat to put my drink on. Once I’m using my laptop, the pens are hidden, and I feel like I work better with the rest being quite minimal. This desk also has a pull out shelf, and here I’ll usually keep my filofax and anything I’m working with. The wire is my HDMI so I can catch up on TV whilst working ;)

Shelving Space

lifeofkitty office spaceOh, aren’t these shelves beautiful?! I’ve been admiring the Kallax shelves for ages because I just love the simplicity of them. The squares are huge, and it means you get lots of space and can organise the unit into different sections.

So the top two square are books. On the left we have my TBR books. There’s two layers to this shelf, and actually, I have more TBR books at the back of the right square too! I like to keep my TBR separate from the books that I’ve read because it’s easier to see where I’m up to. On the right hand side I have non-fiction books. These are recipe books, reference books (wildlife, nature, astronomy and the SmartPOP books that I own), Wreck This Journal and Yoga. Books that I will use regularly and may be helpful when I’m sat here at my desk within an arms reach!

The second layer holds all my toiletries on the left, and all my Filofax related things on the right. I need to figure out a way to sort my Filofax side out so I can show off my binders, but also so it is practical… In the little tub, I have a couple of pencil cases with sharpies and ink joy pens.

Then we have my paper drawers and SMASH books on the left hand side of the third layer and all my unused notebooks on the right hand side. The notebooks could be organised better too, but I’m not sure how I’m going to sort those out! (Maybe using them would help? Hahah!)

And finally, the blue box holds all my camera equipment and the square next to it contains all my painting stuff, stamping stuff and some stickers.

I didn’t take a photo of the top of this shelf, but it just holds a couple of photo frames and more candles/trinkets. You can see these in the first image.

Next to the big Kallax, I have the smaller version and this makes a perfect little corner to hold my printer, my wii, and sort of a little noticeboard. I have a regular calendar, a seasonal fruit/vegetables calendar and a 10k training plan stuck up there. The blue folder is from Martha Stewart and I’m finding it a really useful place to store papers and things that I may need to reference quickly.

In the shelving space below, I have my fabrics and random stuff like chalk and waxpaper in the first square and food/protein/supplements in the next square. The bottom right hand square is filled with folders and stuff that I don’t necessarily need on a day to day (or even weekly!) basis and doesn’t have such easy access. The left side is all my cables and hard drives. The little trolly holds all my main scrapping stuff, with journal cards, tape, tools and all that. I bought it from B&M, and I wouldn’t say it is that sturdy, but it does the job!

lifeofkitty office space lifeofkitty office space

With all this stuff being stored in one place, I have everything in easy reach and it just makes life so much easier! Since getting these shelves, my room has also looked a lot tidier as everything now has it’s own space. As I said above, with this corner, I now feel like I have an office space, and it makes working just that little bit easier! I’m really happy with how it all looks. I can’t be the only one who needs to love their space to really work well? Right?

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