Home is where?

Hey guys! So this is my first blog post from my University room! I’m still a little ‘nervous’ and it really doesn’t feel like home. It feels like I’m just in a hotel room! Weird.
My flatmates are nice, and I think we’ll get along really well. I can’t see us having any major problems -yet!

I just got back from my first little meeting with my course group. There’s 13 of us so it isn’t a big class! Just on a little break before going to registration at 1:30pm.
Because my course is an outdoor course, we got free hoodies! How awesome! (Well actually, they were introduced as ‘zoodies’… Hoodies with zips… So I guess it’s just a jacket really.) It’s comfortable anyway!

And now onto my room… It’s a pretty good size, the only downfall being the single bed ;) I managed fine last night though, despite waking up several times in the night.

Lots of shelving, and there’s a small noticeboard there. On the opposite wall there’s a massive board that can also be used as a noticeboard. My desk is a good size too!

The ensuite… It’s fairly big – bigger than I expected! Shower works well too xD

So yeah, I have a very busy week this week with a few trips and also the Fresher’s events… Hopefully it starts feeling like ‘home’ soon. I miss my boyfriend and my family!