Happy Things in September ’17

1st October 2017 2 min read

Happy Things in September ’17

1st October 2017 2 min read

September went by pretty slowly didn’t it? Actually happy to see October because despite the cold, all the good holidays happen from now!

Happy Things in September '17

My month started off pretty fast paced with a few races, but then slowly drizzled out, and so did my fitness. I mean it was probably a good thing that I took a couple of weeks off, but now I’m back into it and hoping to get back on routine! I’m ready for Autumn now though – big jumpers, hot chocolates and cosiness. Time to invest in a Lumie Bodyclock though I think!

So what exactly made me happy this month?

+ Running a new PB at the Wigan 10k
+ Also running a new PB at the EHM Half
+ Nights out with friends
+ New TV shows – loved Strike!
+ Trying out the new Botanics skincare and actually liking it
+ Getting my hair done properly for the first time in years
+ Trying tasty vegan food
+ Family walks
+ Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Absolute quality film
+ IT – Also a great film
+ Getting back on the gym routine
+ Finding random youtube videos to watch (any recs?)
+ Getting back to Park Run

It’s always good looking back because I never feel like I’ve done a lot. It’s easy to forget everything that has happened! I’ve actually been out for drinks a couple of times and seen two films with friends, I’ve had family time, I did 4 races (!) and I’ve had good me time too. All in a months work!

How was your September?


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