Happy Things In May ’17

1st June 2017 2 min read

Happy Things In May ’17

1st June 2017 2 min read

If I’m honest, May has been completely wiped. I can’t remember what happened in the first half of the month because these past couple of weeks have been clouded in anxiety, upset and truly horrifying news. So yes, this Happy Things is a little different to usual.


On the one hand, it doesn’t feel right to be even trying to think about happy things that have happened in the past month. Not when the last week was plagued by such atrocity thanks to the bombing in Manchester. Yep, another bombing. And this time one that targeted children and parents.

It goes without saying though, Manchester is a community. A tough community. Despite all the sadness and the aftermath of this crime, the city pulled together and showed great strength. People ran into the arena to save others, many residents of Manchester offered out help – rooms, beds, lifts home, food and more – and the police force and NHS staff worked their damned butts off making sure everyone was attended to and not alone.

So amidst all this chaos, here are some of the things that have happened in this past week that have been a little beacon in the otherwise dark world. I have probably missed some of the good things that people have done, so feel free to share more in the comments if you have any!

+ Taxi drivers offering free lifts home
+ The woman who took in lost children so they weren’t alone
+ Woman singing don’t look back in anger in the crowd
+ Tattooists doing the worker bee tattoos and giving the money to charity
+ Money raised for all families from various places
+ These stories from the staff that worked through the night
+ The One Love Manchester concert that will be taking place this coming weekend

I can’t actually remember much about the beginning of the month, though nothing much really happened of note. The only things since this is that I’ve watched Pirates of the Caribbean (and actually really enjoyed it!) and I did the Great Manchester Run 10k. There will be a blog post up about that on Saturday. I wasn’t sure how it would feel going into the city for such a big event so soon, but the atmosphere was incredible and I definitely need to write about how the day was. Proud to be from Manchester.


It’s been a weird month, and not one that we’ll forget in a good while.


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