Happy Things in June ’17

1st July 2017 2 min read

Happy Things in June ’17

1st July 2017 2 min read

Oh June. This month went by slowly! Oh so slowly. Probably because I had nothing really exciting planned, yet plenty planned for July… This month was basically like those filler chapters/episodes that you get.


Writing everything down, I’ve actually crammed a fair bit into this month, it’s just that nothing has been really big or massively stood out. It’s all gone so slowly up until this last week, and then I’m realising that I’ve got a bike ride on Sunday, a few days in work and then I’m off and away from home for 12 days! Exciting things to come eh.

So this month I have loved:

+ Doing the Race for Life after missing it the past couple of years.
+ Discovering a Japanese restaurant in my town, and trying new tasty foods. (And enjoying tofu!)
+ Watching Wonder Woman. Loved it way more than I was expecting!
+ Joining a new gym.
+ Feeling all motivated to work out and starting a new plan.
+ Completing 13/15 days at the gym in the past two weeks.
+ Rewatching GOT season 6.
+ Being able to start holiday shopping.
+ Our ‘heatwave’ and being able to enjoy sunshine.
+ The Voice Kids – they’re all so amazing!
+ Doing a Harry Potter Pub Quiz
+ Upgrading my mobile! (only due to arrive Tuesday though)
+ And Charlie, the cutie.


So yep, as I touched on above, July is going to be a busy month. Expect a lot of travel content from me, and hopefully plenty more fitness too! I’ll be travelling to London to finally watch the Cursed Child play, then to Ribblesdale for a relaxing family cottage holiday and then to Split for 5 days to experience Ultra and the beautiful Croatian country!

Besides the neverending rain we’ve had in this last week, June hasn’t been too bad to us!


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