Happy Things in July ’17

What a month July has been! I’ve been to London, I’ve spent a week near to the Ribble Valley and I’ve been to Croatia. More to come on those trips in the next week or so. I have so many photos to share on here, and I’m just deciding on the how.


I can’t believe it’s August already, yet July does seem to have flown by super quickly. I guess that’s what happens when you go on three different trips and almost end up being off work more than you were in! So what did I do?

+ Taking part in the Joining Jack Wigan Bike Ride
+ Getting a new phone (the rose gold Samsung s7 if curious)
+ Having a weekend in London
+ Finally watching Cursed Child!
+ Family time in Gisburn
+ Climbing to the top of a bell tower and seeing this amazing view of Split
+ Experiencing Ultra Festival
+ Yoga classes at my gym
+ Avocado
+ Being out with friends
+ Getting a Happy Planner – time to organise my life again
+ Wigan getting to Wembley for the Challenge Cup final!

It’s always great looking back at the month and seeing just exactly what you did. It’s like a mini diary, with just a sentence or a word being able to remind you of something. People are always saying like, put the phone down, experience things. For me, I’d forget all the little bits if I didn’t take photos, if I didn’t write things down. One photo can just bring back a whole world of memories, and I love that. So yeah, basically I’m telling myself to keep hold of those photos, keep documenting everything that I’m doing because one day they’ll become very distant memories. Ones you might not be able to remember completely. Documenting things is great.

July has been eventful for me… How was yours?


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