Happy Things in February ’17

Oh February flew by didn’t it?! I know it has 2-3 less days than all the other months, but I don’t understand how it always goes by so quickly! Maybe because my birthday is at the beginning so there’s nothing else to look forward to for it to drag…

Happy Things in February '17

I should try to write these as the month goes by, because honestly February feels like a blur. I don’t remember half the things I’ve done this month, though I know it hasn’t been a lot admittedly. It has been filled with work, eating and chilling with films! There are always happy points though, and these are what I’ve got…

+ February is my birthday month.
+ And I ran the Winter Warmer 10k on my 24th birthday, hitting a new PB!
+ Rugby League season starting!
+ Oh and Wigan winning the World Club Series match – a trophy to start the year off!
+ Pancake day.
+ Watching Patriot’s Day and then Logan with friends. (Both were fab!)
+ Completing a long run of just under two hours, and at 16.5km.
+ Hitting two years of being vegetarian (post to come soon!)
+ Adding the Niffler, Newt and Bowtruckle to my Pop collection.
+ Finding new running podcasts to listen to.
+ Feeling comfortable driving on the motorway.

Now March is bringing lots of exciting things. The main one being my Half-Marathon on the 19th, but I’ve also got a work night out for two birthdays, a spa day and Beauty and the Beast to look forward to! And Spring is officially here from the 20th according to google so you know, that’s always a win. The evenings are already getting lighter and I cannot wait for longer (and hopefully warmer) days. Might actually find taking photos a lot easier again!

How was your February?


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