Happy Things In April ’17

I actually started writing this post mid-April (for once!), and yet here we are on the 4th May and I’d completely forgotten about it. May came around quite quickly didn’t it?! Probably all those pesky bank holidays…


I’ve actually had quite a good month it seems, with plenty happening. No wonder I’m feeling worn out!

+ Days out: Southport, Rivington Pike
+ House party with friends
+ The Wigan Good Friday & Easter Monday wins
+ Easter chocolate
+ Seeing family
+ Curry/drinks with friends
+ Pretty flowers
+ Free bowling trip (even though I only came 6th & 2nd… out of 7)
+ Guardians Double Bill
+ Hitting a new PB at the Whitley 10k
+ Getting a new wardrobe

The best things on that list have to be the new 10km PB, which was a last minute race decision and one I’m glad I did, the Guardians Double Bill and the day trips to Southport and Rivington Pike. The latter especially – I love a good walk! We’ve got a few more places on the list to visit now so I’ll hopefully try to write a little more about these trips… (You can see photos on my instagram @katehlouise!)

Oh and I also entered the London Virgin Marathon 2018 ballot. So there’s that. I’ll only know in October if I’ve been successful, and I’m not holding my hopes up too high. With only 18,000 ballot places or whatever and hundreds of thousands entering, it’s a very slim chance! I figured why the hell not… It takes some people years of entering before they’re lucky. We’ll see anyway. I’m sure you’ll hear about it if I’m successful.

Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat recently, and it’s because I’m just been so busy with life that I haven’t been able to sit down and properly focus on content. I have 19 18 drafts either half written or in bullet points, but hardly any photos and the ideas are struggling to get fully from head to paper (or screen). I’m still here though, lurking. I have a few exciting things to write about in the next couple of weeks anyway so plenty to do! Time to get back on it.

Let’s hope May is just as eventful, eh?


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