Handmade Ideas: Oh Happy Day Card Kit*

Last year I was really into creating my scrapbook layouts and using smash books. This year I’ve fallen a bit behind, and though I’ve wanted to I just haven’t put the time aside to do it. I was contacted about the Stampin’ Up! UK ‘Oh Happy Day Card Kit‘* and I was super excited to try it out.

Handmade Ideas: Oh Happy Day Card Kit* | awaywithkatie.com

Going to a shop and buying a card is all too easy. We all do it, I’m not going to pretend I don’t, but it’s not as special as creating a handmade card right? It just seems time consuming and probably too creative to some. Where would you get the ideas?! I’ve never actually delved into the world of card making myself, so I was impressed to see that you can get kits with everything cut out, designed and included.

Oh Happy Day Card Kit

Opening the box you see a stamping kit and lots of different pieces of card, envelopes, pre-cut shapes, string and instructions. The kit is £31.50 but includes enough stuff to make 20 different cards. Cards ranging from thank you messages, loving, birthday, parties and friends. The instructions are easy to follow and it’s pretty much a case of looking at the photo, finding the corresponding shapes in the pack and sticking it all together! Simple.

Handmade Ideas: Oh Happy Day Card Kit* | awaywithkatie.com

I decided to try two out and went for different sized cards to see how they looked. All of the card included feels of super high quality and some of the design shapes – like the green heart on the right – were made out of wood to add that extra texture! I was really impressed with the kit overall.

One thing though, I could not for the life of me get into that ink. I just couldn’t open it! Probably me just being weak after arm day at the gym but I gave up and used my own black ink in the end. Seriously when I was looking back at the video I did I must have spent around 5 minutes just trying to open that little ink box!

Handmade Ideas: Oh Happy Day Card Kit* | awaywithkatie.com

The Stampin’ Up! UK craft products, projects and kits can only be bought online or through independent sales consultants in a variety of countries. Sadly not in any stores! There are a few different kits you can try out, especially good for getting children into crafting! At £31.50 this may seem pricey to some (if you’ve never delved into the world of handmade crafting!) but like I said before it does make 20 cards and if you want to try card making without the fuss of designing your own this is the kit for you.

Here’s a sped up video of me making the cards… Not done one of these in a while! Sorry it has no music…


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*Items in this post were sent for review, but as always I would not include something I wouldn’t use myself and all opinions are my own.