Hallowreadathon Books!

Hello, hello. I am back after a little disappearence (12 days of work on the the trot – do not recommend!) and I’m spending my first day off in forever reading and recovering from a Halloween night out. (Oh and car shopping!)

Hallowreadathon Books! | awaywithkatie.com

I’ve been terrible with my reading this year. I know I’ve done great by some people’s standards, but not by my own. When I spotted the 48 hour Hallowreadathon on Imogen’s blog (@ Imogen’s Typewriter) I decided I needed to take part. Give myself that little extra push.

The rules are simple:

  1. Read a book about a monster!
  2. Read a book with a purple cover!
  3. Read two books!

The Chosen Hallowreadathon Books

You may notice I have three books up there… Well, Roomies is a re-read. I can’t remember when I read it, but it was definitely during university. It has a bit of purple on there… It counts right? In all honesty that was the only purple book I had that I wanted to read. I can’t really remember what happened in the book. It’s not a scary/horror book but the other two make up for that.

Then I have #1 in the Charlaine Harris Aurora Teagarden series, something I received (along with #2 and #3!) thanks to Imogen as I won her giveaway! This is my ‘monster’ book. Murderers are monsters. Yep. I’m excited to get into this because I’ve never read any of Harris’ books and I’ve always been meaning to. Crime/mystery/thriller/murders… I do have a sick love of these kind of books haha.

And finally, Library of Souls – the third in the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series. I’m nearly finished with this book, and it has plenty of monsters in there! Really loved this series so far, and although comments have put me off watching the new film adaptation I do now have the huge urge to watch it.

The plan is to read Roomies, finish Library of Souls and then start on Real Murders because then I can just carry on with the next two books!

We’re reading from the 30th-31st, so okay we’re down a few hours, but you can still join in! Two books is definitely doable – what else is a lazy Sunday for?!


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