Healthy Eating: #GoodToGo Graze Snacks

I first tried a Graze box a couple of years ago when I got a free voucher in the post. I was so impressed, that I’ve been buying them ever since when I can spare the money. There are so many different snacks in the boxes, and just in the past two years loads of new things have been added. Now when I discovered Graze were bringing out these individual Graze snacks in shops, I was so happy. I’ve managed to find them in Sainsburys and Boots so far. These are the latest three that I’ve tried, and here’s what I thought:

Graze Snack Boxes

Lemon Drizzle Cake

This is one that I’ve tried before, and I first had it in one of the boxes. Perfectly lemony and sweet, this flapjack definitely feels like a treat.

Chocolate Pretzel Dippers

Easily my favourite! When I first bit into one, my first thought was ‘these are breadsticks, not pretzels’ and upon looking at the ingedients online, it does call them breadsticks. Hmm. Are they the same thing, just different shaped? I don’t know. They tasted good regardless. The chocolate was very much like nutella, but it didn’t taste as sweet to me. Here’s where I make an admission – I’ve never tried salted chocolate. I think I’ll be trying more because it hits all the right bits.

Smokehouse BBQ Crunch

The flavour on these was just right for me – not too strong, but a clear taste. I’m a big fan of BBQ, but I guess if you weren’t, you really wouldn’t like these. Consisting of sweet & smoky BBQ peas, corn chips and chilli corn, the pack aimed to replicate crisps, and they definitely had that crunch. My favourite bits were the corn chips, but it was all tasty.


What are your favourite Graze snacks? I love the apple and cinnamon flapjack – would love that one in an individual box!

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