So I mentioned buying an ARC from Staples in my last post… Well, I nipped into the Staples in Carlisle on Friday and had a look at them. I really wanted a leather one, but as I am using it as my ‘Practical Notebook’ for my Ecology module, I went for the cheaper plastic-y one. I haven’t actually written in it yet, but I’m really impressed with how thick the paper seems. I also bought some of the graph paper for my drawings. I’m really looking forward to starting this notebook…!

I also bought some of the Martha Stewart NoteTabs and a new pen (Uniball vision needle) . I got the smaller ones, as I just think they’d work better for me. They seem quite thick – bit unsure about the sticky part and how good it will be, but these always seem to be loved. I needed this pen for lecture notes. The one that I had was just too thick – it was making notes hard to read! I really like how this one writes.
And finally, I ordered these stickynotes from ebay because they were adorable! (And cheap!) The to-do list with the cat had me on first sight.

Just a quick update…