Goals for 2013…

Yes, it’s that time of year again! This year I’m doing goals. Easy, attainable goals that all have a good outcome!


  • Try something new. (Hmm, what could this be?)
  • Write in my ‘One line a day’ journal every day!
  • Start taking driving lessons!


  • Run a 5k race (Already doing the Race For Life, but I want to do another one too!)
  • Run a 10k race
  • Run 365 miles in the year
  • Practise Yoga more often. (Or at all… Hahah, I need to get back into it!)


  • Pass my first year of University with a good grade!
  • Do more volunteering.
  • Get a job in the summer. (I will need to save up!)
  • Do some conservation work (1/2 weeks)