Garmin Forerunner 10 – A review.

26th June 2013 3 min read

Garmin Forerunner 10 – A review.

26th June 2013 3 min read

I recently managed to grab a Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch!
When I first started running, I was using my Nike+ and iPod touch. After using that on a treadmill, I realised that it wasn’t actually that accurate at all… My Nike+ made it out like I was faster and was running further than I actually was – not good! After ditching that, I moved onto RunKeeper on my phone. Now this worked fine (although my phone did have pretty jumpy GPS signal), and I definitely trust the miles that it counts! However, my phone is quite annoying on a run. It’s difficult to quickly check my distance and pace, and I’d rather just keep it zipped into my pocket!

Now I settled on this Garmin because, after reading reviews, I figured that it was the cheapest that was worth buying! Everyone seemed to be pleased with it, and I can definitely say that I am too! I got the green one (as you can see above!) and it is one of the smaller ones. It fits perfectly on my wrist, and it isn’t heavy at all! I can barely feel it when I’m running! I love the colour too – though I would have maybe liked a purple one! With the watch, you will receive a USB charger that simply clips onto the back of the watch and plugs into a computer! It is all simple enough! The USB charger doesn’t bother me, as I think it’s quite easy to plug in, get your running data uploaded and then leave it charging for a little bit! This may be a downside for some people though!

I set out for my first run all excited! Upon pressing the top right button, the watch searched for a GPS signal and managed to get it in around 10 seconds! On my second run, this did take around 30 seconds but it’s no big deal at all. You can do a little warm up on the spot/stretches etc before setting off. I was very happy that the watch did not lose signal once on my run! I ran through fields and through woodland paths on my second run, and the tree cover didn’t affect the signal at all – always a plus!

To upload your data, you need to sign up to the Garmin Connect page. Once signed up, you just need to click upload and then follow the instructions! Once data is uploaded, this is what you will see on your dashboard!

Here you will just see an overview of your runs, and on certain information. To see everything, just click ‘view details’!

Now you will get this page, as shown below. You have a map of your run, a summary, details, laps, weather, timing/elevation charts and additional information which just tells you which watch you used!

I particularly like the weather box! This would come in handy to see how I’m performing in certain conditions. I also like the ‘elapsed time’ and ‘moving time’ measurements. This gives you an idea of how stops affect your time (for example stopping to cross a road!) You get a good range of information here, and it is all very useful. You can use these to compare runs and just to see how you’re doing!

Now what I also like about my Garmin, is that I can upload the data to RunKeeper, thus keeping all that information together! I have lots of runs on there, so it’s good to be able to upload new runs too! I think the only real advantage to Garmin Connect over Runkeeper is the weather box. Everything else is pretty much the same!

This watch is definitely a good buy!