Forever Wishing For More Fitness Gear

I don’t normally write these kinds of posts but quite honestly I’ve seen so much amazing stuff recently that I just had to share. I don’t know about you guys, but new fitness related things definitely motivate me. The only problem is that it can get expensive and well, I haven’t moved that far from being a skint student. I’m just skint now!

Forever Wishing For More Fitness Gear |

Reebok Double Sided Yoga Mat + Adidas Flock Hoodie + New Balance 711v2 Graphic Trainer + 3-Stripes Performance Team Bag
WITHINGS Activité Pop + Runtastic Moment Classic + Nike Victory Quake Compression Bra + Nike Pro Classsic Padded 8 BIT
Adjustable Barbell Squat Rack + Miracle Sculpting Tights + Sport Essentials Pants

First on the wishlist is something that I am definitely going to buy when I get paid… A new yoga mat! I’ve had my current one for years now. In fact, the mat I’m using is actually the one we got with a wii fit bundle and I was definitely in college or younger when we got that! It’s getting very worn, and you can see where my feet usually end up in down dog. Anyway, I like this quote one.

You may notice than I’m a big Adidas lover… I generally prefer their clothing over any other brand. I love this jacket, and the track pants on the end would match pretty well right? I also love those ‘Miracle Sculpting Tights’ but hello, £90 – no thanks. They’re still on there because a girl can dream right?! An Adidas gym bag also made the cut… I’d love to get a proper gym bag, but I have to get the bus to the gym and I’d never want to be carrying a big bag there and bag. Is it sad that one of the things I’m most excited about when I pass my test and get a car is being able to drive to the gym and have a dedicated gym bag?!

New Balance have been my choice of trainer for a few years now. I think I’m on my fourth pair, and I still love them. Never had any foot problems when running in them, and I’ve tried a few brands that didn’t work for me before, so I would always stick to these now. Tip: You can often find cheaper branded trainers at SportsDirect!

Would you be surprised if I told you these were fitness watches?! The main issue I have with my fitbit is that it isn’t a watch, and my analogue watch battery really hates being next to the fitbit. It just stops! The Withings and Runtastic watches are analogue and track your steps, activity and have that vibrating sleep alarm that keeps me wearing the fitbit. Not something I can really afford right now, but the prices aren’t too bad! They’re waterproof (up to a certain depth) and can pass as a normal watch, so winner all round I think.

Sports bras are pretty self-explanatory. You can never have too many sports bras right? I love the Nike ones and I could do with a bit of brightness in my workout gear!

And last but not least, a barbell set-up. I don’t have anywhere to actually put this, but I could definitely get squatting regularly if I had this. My problem is that I will squat/deadlift and then I’ll end up missing a couple of weeks and having to go back under 40kg. I just cannot get over that 40kg, and it isn’t even that impressive of a number haha!

So yeah, here’s my expensive fitness gear wishlist. Now to get to that workout…