Getting inspired -It’s National Vegetarian Week!

This week is National Vegetarian week, and I’ve been following everything that the Vegetarian Society have been tweeting. Lots of competitions going (there’s still time!) and lots of free food and advice given out in certain cities. Unfortunately haven’t seen anything happening near me, but it’s been good to look at anyhow! I’ve found a lot of new accounts to follow this week.

Since starting a vegetarian diet, I’ve definitely eaten more adventurously and tried new things. Eating out is great actually, because I’m forced to actually try something different than what I would normally get (most often a cheeseburger…) and I’ve discovered new favourites. I’m also getting in more vegetables, which is always a plus!

I have to admit however, my eating has been pretty terrible lately. I haven’t been eating proper regular meals and I’ve also been choosing more unhealthier foods than healthy… One thing I need to sort out is my bread and cheese intake. I’ve been relying on them a lot this past month especially for lunches, and my face just broke out so much. Since cutting down on my cheese these past two weeks though, my skin has improved tons so I’m going to keep that intake low! I’m also having problems with dairy in that it keeps causing irritation to my throat, making me cough after eating it. Not really with cheese, but stuff with butter, yoghurt or things that have milk in them. Clearly my body is telling me to stop!

I am a big fan of pinterest though, and am constantly searching for new vegetarian recipes to try out. There are a lot that I haven’t tried, but some of my favourites from this board are mushroom and spinach quesadillas (and with any other vegetables you can find!), quinoa ‘fried rice’ and brown rice with garlic, butter, mushrooms and green beans! I’m definitely hoping to try out some more new things from my board in the next few weeks!

Follow Katie Halsall’s board Vegetarian Recipes on Pinterest.

Do you have a vegetarian (or vegan!) pinterest board? I’d love to follow some of them – definitely need more inspiration on my board!