Fitness: Yoga

Yoga. Something I’ve always wanted to get into, but just never had the motivation. Until now. I stumbled across Yoga With Adriene on twitter and discovered that she was starting a 30 day challenge for January. I was intrigued and immediately signed myself up (in my head, that is). So far I have completed every day and I’m so pleased with myself! It really has helped, and you can see that in the photos below. The best thing about Adriene’s videos is that she reminds me to loosen my shoulders, something I always forget!

These photo comparisons were taken just under 2 weeks apart. Now I know that my poses still aren’t perfect – it’ll be a while before they’re where I want to be. In the crow (Bakasana), even though my knees are still very low, I’ve managed to get my legs/feet up higher and that’s a success to me! With my squat pose (Malasana) my back could be straighter, but I managed to get my heels down and sit deeper. If I hadn’t compared these photos, I wouldn’t have known that I had improved at all!

Practising yoga for me has been a way to take time out each night before going to bed. It makes me think about my breathing, and focus on feeling every part of my body. I can feel my body strengthening as I do each new video and it gives me a goal to aim towards.

I tried out this Shock Absorber Active Zip Plunge sports bra* and when I first opened the package I was shocked at how small it looked! This sports bra comes in sizes 32-38 B-DD and retails at around £25 which is pretty good in my opinion! I would say it’s quite a tight fit but I have never had a shock absorber bra before, so this could be why it felt tight to me. Once you’re moving about it doesn’t restrict your movement at all, but you can feel that it is keeping everything in place. Like seriously, nothing moved!

The best thing about it for me is the front zip. Now this is great for yoga because it means that the back is flat – so no more bumps digging into your back when lying on your mat! I’ve also never had any kind of bra with a front opening, and I did wonder how the zip would stay closed but it feels sturdy, and there’s also a little clip behind so if it did come undone, your modesty is saved! It’s comfortable, looks great and keeps you supported. Not much more you can ask for out of a sports bra! (Though I do love patterned ones, so maybe that?)

Here’s some more poses for you… I have really tight hamstrings and and my back isn’t flexible at all. Although they’re getting better, I still struggle with a lot of poses – by having these photos I can look back at them and see how I’m improving!

What are your thoughts on yoga? Love it, hate it, not sure?

* I was kindly sent the Shock Absorber Active Zip Plunge in exchange for a review, but all words and opinions are my own.