Yoga – The #100 Day Project 3/5

You can view part 1 here and part 2 here!

Here’s the third part of my #100dayproject! I posted about #The100DayProject here.

So my flexibility still sucks, but my handstands/forearm stands are way better! I really like doing those though, so they’re easier for me to practise. I need to attempt to get my head really into the practise, because if I know I’m struggling with the flexibility, I get frustrated! It’s really disheartening! The yoga classes at my gym always fill up really fast, but I am going to attempt to get in one in the next couple of weeks. I feel like that will help me to really get in the zone, and I can get input from the teacher. (hopefully!)

I can’t wait to move back home – I always loved practising my yoga in the garden, and where I am now doesn’t have a garden… You can see in a couple of the above photos the terrace sort of thing that we have. I just don’t like it out there! Anyway, I’m still practising! I think my challenge from now on is to get a morning practise in at least a few times a week, rather than doing it very late at night.

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