Yoga – The #100 Day Project 2/5

You can view part 1 here!

Here’s the second part of my #100dayproject! I posted about #The100DayProject here and I’m doing well! Right now, I’m actually 44 days in, and had totally forgotten about my plans to do these posts! Oops!

I’m enjoying looking back on these photos, and also seeing how my yoga is progressing. My flexibility is still horrendous, but I’m definitely feeling stronger.

My main focus at the moment really is to gain more flexibility in my back and my hips. They’re so tight it’s ridiculous! Also makes a lot of ‘easy’ poses very difficult…

Just yesterday I reopened my account on Yogaglo. It’s basically a website full of yoga videos and you do have to pay (around £11 per month) but right now, it’s worth it for me. Paying gives me the motivation to practise more, and I just find the teachers on there really helpful! I’ll only be paying for a couple of months, just to get my confidence up again in doing my own routines and knowing what flows together nicely.

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