Fitness: Nakd Fruit Bars

In February, I started the search for a tasty bar that I could eat before/after going to the gym, just for a quick snack. I tried a variety of brands, and then I discovered the Nakd bars.

I’ve never been a fan of dried fruits. Ever. The Nakd bars are primarily made up of fruits, with some having nuts or oats as well. I didn’t think I’d like them, but I was pleasantly surprised! I tried the cocoa crunch one first and thought it was okay. Then I tried a berry one and fell in love. I was really looking for a high protein bar, and these only have like 2-3g per bar so they don’t really compare to the others that I tried in that sense, but they taste so good that I don’t really care!

Out of the ones I’ve tried (shown above, and the same ones in ‘crunch’ form) I have to say that the berry one was my favourite. Then it’d be strawberry, cocoa, apple and then pecan. I really didn’t like pecan pie actually, and couldn’t even finish the bar!

The best thing about these bars is they they are completely natural. With no baking and no added sugars or syrups, all the sweetness comes from the fruits. They’re also 100% vegan, wheat free, dairy free and most of them gluten free too. I don’t feel bad about eating these for a snack, and they’re great for when I’m at uni and needing something to eat!

Have you tried them? I’d love to know your favourites, and if you have a protein bar pick I’d love to know it ;)

*I could only find a few flavours in shops near me, so Nakd kindly sent me a few bars to review. I was planning to do this review before getting the extra bars, so of course all opinions are still my own.