Filofax rearranging.

So my Filofax needed rearranging. I had things in there that I didn’t use – just taking up space. I haven’t made any new dividers, just simply moved them. The tabs that I had cut into the dividers were soft and getting a bit worn, so I decided to cut them all off and use the small avery tabs that I have.

The black card divider that I had was really scruffy, so I took the photo and stuck it onto an unused divider! This was previously my university divider, but I’ve discovered that I didn’t use the university section enough to vouch for it’s own section. This is my diary section!

My next tab is for notes. The first few pages here are for book to-read lists. I also have a film list too, though that hasn’t got anything on it yet!

I split this section into two using top tabs. These are owls from paperchase! I love them! The notes section is just for anything random that I need to jot down.

Next up is my blog section! I use this to note down any blog ideas that I have. I also used it when coming up with a new URL!

And finally this last section. I’m going to use it for important university contacts/details, as well as personal contacts.

At the back I just have a couple of plastic wallets with random bits and bobs in there, including some sticky notes and dots!

View from above! Not as stuffed as it was…

And there it is! I haven’t sorted through it for a good few months now so it felt good to do!