Filofax: Pocket Aston

I couldn’t resist.

So TKMaxx is starting to be known in the Filofax (or Philofaxy!) community for occasionally having some gems in store. You never know when they’ll appear in your local shop really, but I have noticed that the months leading up to Christmas are the best for this! Unfortunately though, this is only if you’re in the UK.

Anyway, I nipped in today after uni and spotted two pocket Astons, one in chocolate and the other orchid (which is the one I bought!) as well as a couple of pocket and pocket zipped Maldens still there. There were also a couple of classics and dominos there too. After picking up the Astons, I just couldn’t put them down. The leather is just so soft and feels amazing.

I stood there contemplating for a while whether I should go for it or not. I’ve actually started to really like the pocket size, though I still couldn’t use it as my actual day to day diary! They’re just neat!

So what am I going to use it for? I’ve decided that I could do with moving the blog/books section that’s in my personal. It’s just kind of awkward in there and I feel like I could utilise it more in a separate space. I’m also debating putting random recipes that I find in there too. It’s basically going to be a collection of miscellaneous things. I’ll do an update when I’ve got it all set up!


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