Filofax: Everyday wear in the Holborn.

This may surprise fellow ‘Filofaxers’, but I have been using my personal Holborn for almost a year now! I bought myself the Holborn as a Christmas present, and have been using it ever since. A lot of people in this community seem to worry about the leather filofaxes holding up, and I can understand to an extent, but for me the best part about have a leather organiser is seeing it age! I couldn’t buy something and then not use it properly!

I figured it would be a good idea to show you guys what my Holborn is looking like after 10 months of everyday use. I’d also like to add that I just throw it in my bag – no special covers or anything. It comes with me to university, to the shops, to work… everywhere. Even to the gym. (If I have a bag!)

You can see that it is a little scratched on the cover. These don’t bother me at all, and in normal light you can’t really see them much at all. I photographed to show all the marks.

All of the seams are fine, and I haven’t had trouble with any coming apart. Everything there looks as it did when I received it.

Now I actually have some sort of transfer on the back/spine of my filofax, and I’m not sure what it is exactly! Most likely it is from papers in my bag that have gotten wet. They’re really small and I have no idea how long they’ve been there because I only noticed them when I took the photos… I haven’t really tried to get the marks off besides sort of rubbing at them.

I have marks inside from the rings, but I’m going to assume that’s just what happens with every Filfoax. No problem there. Inside covers are a little marked but it’s not something that bothers me!

No problems with the pen loop either, though admittedly I haven’t been using the pen loop for the majority of the time. My four colour pen wouldn’t fit, so I was just clipping it onto the loop. I am using the loop now and have been for a few weeks and it’s holding up fine. The strap is a little wrinkly but it isn’t cracking or anything so I’m happy with that!

I realised that I haven’t posted any photos of the rings, but they aren’t gappy or anything. So there you have it. A well used Holborn Filofax that is holding up perfectly fine – despite me not ‘babying’ it! I’ve never even used a moisturiser on the leather and it’s still lovely and smooth to touch. I think this Filofax will age so well – I’m looking forward to it doing so!