Filofax: Current Set-up

It’s been a while since I posted about my Filofax, and I thought I’d show you my current set-up. I don’t think I’ve done a set-up post in a good while – I removed my lists sections as I wasn’t using it, moved my blog section to it’s own pocket filofax and added in my university notes. You may remember me posting about using my personal sized aqua original as a university planner but I found that it was too awkward to have all my university notes separate to my main planner. Instead, I am using the original as a career planner, and I’ll be posting about that in the next week!

So first up I have a new divider that I got when I ordered from Anna @MrsBrimbles and then you can see my tabs. There’s a gap where my lists section was, but I just haven’t had time to make new dividers!

I’m still using my own diary inserts on my weekly pages, and this is working for me. I like how plain they are, and I also prefer to write on squared paper. I stopped doing the ‘My Week’ posts and have decided to do monthly round up posts instead, picking out just the interesting things that have happened in the month!

My fitness section holds a few shopping list ideas and some of my own monthly pages where I track my exercise. I really like to have this monthly page as it shows me how much exercise I have done each month at a glance.

My university section has some monthly pages from Filofax, and I like these because the months are tabbed. I’m using these pages for important deadlines and things that are happening.

The rest of the university section is split into four tabs and I have my module information and notes pages in each section. This means I can quickly look at my assignments, intended learning outcomes, book lists and all that stuff. Really helpful!

So there we have it! It’s a really simple set-up, but it’s working for me.


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