Filofax: The Clipbook

Before starting back at university, I mentioned that I was going to use the Filofax Clipbook as my note book for this year so I thought I’d give a little insight as to how it’s working for me!

You can see that it’s quite thick, and it is pretty heavy for a notebook, but that’s what you have to deal with when you hold four modules in one I guess! I have it set up pretty much as a project book – like the ones you can buy in shops already. I’ve had to just clip my pen in the binder bit, but there’s plenty of room and I haven’t lost the pen yet so it’s working fine!

I have 5 sections in total: notes, major project, on location, professional development and consultancy, feature writing. I haven’t actually used the notes section yet, so maybe I should get rid of it. I originally planned it for any course related notes that don’t quite fit in a specific module. When I’ve received worksheets from a lecture, I’ve hole punched them and put them in the book as you can see below.

For the paper, I actually used paper from an A5 Oxford notebook that I had, because I love that paper and it just worked well. There are extra holes, but that really doesn’t bother me. With that one notebook, I’ve had plenty of paper so far. My course is predominantly practical, so I don’t have huge amounts to write.

The clipbook as a notebook is working really well for me. I think it’s so much easier to have all my notes in one place, and I also think have the rings is a plus. With the project notebooks that you can buy in the shops, you can’t move paper around. If you have a worksheet, you can’t just slip it in easily. That’s the advantage of using a clipbook for me!