Filofax: Adapting the bullet journal.

Whilst browsing the internet, checking up on blogs, youtube videos or even on facebook groups, you may have noticed ‘Bullet Journalling’ cropping up. I remember spotting it on Twitter, and I was taken to this website. I think the concept is great, and if you can make it work for you, even better! For me the whole process is a bit too much, which is why I’ve only taken bits of it to use in my Filofax.

So as I said, I think the concept is brilliant and I figured that I could quite easily implement it into my filofax and colour coding system. I am still using the 4-colour Papermate inkjoy pen, so my colour coding has not changed. Blue for personal. Pink for reminders/appointments. Green for university. Purple for fitness.

From the bullet journal idea, I am basically just using the different ‘classification’ bullets.
☐ Checkbox – for things that need to be done.
O Circle – For things with times. Appointments, work, lectures etc.
X Cross – For notes.

When something is done or has happened, I will fill in the square or the circle. If I have half done a task, I will put a line through the middle so I know that I have started it. You can see this system in the photo above, although I haven’t coloured in the work bullet yet, oops!

I’ve been using this for around two weeks now and it’s working really well. I have the colours to organise different things, and then I have the bullets to separate those even further. It’s easy to keep track of everything at a glance! If colour coding isn’t for you, using specific bullets could help instead. Take a look at the website and let me know whether you’re using it!

Oh, and what’s this? A dark aqua original? More on that to come soon!
(It is so difficult to photograph the true colour of the dark aqua, but I think this is pretty close!)