My Favourite Things About Christmas

Let’s take a look at my favourite things about Christmas… I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to some of these things too!

For me, December 1st signifies the time to put the tree up… The start of Christmas. What is December for if you can’t use it to get Christmassy, right? I love putting the tree up because we get all the decorations down, and as we’re looking through all the random boxes, we find all the old Christmas cards that my siblings and I made in school. Like those cheesy photos of us holding date signs with a starry background – they’re funny to look back on, even though we do it every year. I wish I’d taken photos of some of the hand drawn photos, but I do have the photo below. Look at little me, 17 years ago!

I don’t really need to expand on this, but all the chocolates, the roast potatoes, the roasted parsnips, the mountain of veg, the mashed potato, the gravy, the yorkshire puds, the cheese, the ice cream, the cake, the biscuits, the nuts, the sweets… Ah, everything! I just love food. Seriously though, if you don’t use Christmas as an excuse to eat all of the good food, what kind of person are you?! Haha. Today I’m making some more peppermint bark in preparation for tomorrow’s Christmas dinner – just so everyone has a little chocolate treat when they sit down at the table!


Like opening one present on Christmas Eve – our new pyjamas! We tend to choose our own now, but it’s always a treat to have a nice hot shower/bath and then open your new pyjamas and put them on! Ready for Santa’s visit… Yep. There are tons more that we do every Christmas, and it’s something that just feels familiar. I can’t wait actually to move out and start making my own traditions when I have my own little family. Probably not going to happen for a while… Actually, one tradition that we still do, despite my sister moving out (and being 29…) and my brother and I being 19 and 22, is having a present from Santa. Every Christmas there’s a family gift, and it is always written ‘from Santa’. It honestly makes my day to still see that under the tree!

Of course, what is Christmas without family? It’s the one time of year that we all have off and a few days to really relax and talk to each other. Opening gifts together in the morning, having family guests over for Christmas dinner, getting visits from other family… It’s just really nice to be together without having to do anything in particular.

My mum and I have spent quite a bit of time together baking and making things this month, and that has been great. Then there’s the annual competitive board game of course. We always have a ton of laughs, and friendly rivalry during these. The game is usually Trivial Pursuit, and I’m sure we’ll pull that one out again this year, but we’ve also bought Tipping Point to try out!

life of kitty

So, it’s Christmas Eve, and I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas for tomorrow! I may post on twitter/instagram a few times, but I’ll be staying away from the blogosphere for the day. Christmas for me is time to be with family, and to actually talk to each other. Make the most of the celebrations! Hope you all have a lovely day and get everything you’ve asked for!