Eating in Lanzarote

22nd October 2015 4 min read

Eating in Lanzarote

22nd October 2015 4 min read

One of the things that I was looking forward to when going to Lanzarote (besides the hot weather!) was food. Food, glorious food. I’m a big fruit lover, and living in England is just disappointing. If you’ve eaten fruits such as watermelon, pineapple and mango in a hot country, you’ll know just how much sweeter and juicier they are! Of course, going on holiday isn’t all about eating healthy – there’s got to be a few treats in there too! We over 7 days we ate at 6 different restaurants (I haven’t got photos from each though!) and we had a great time tasting different foods.

Eating in Lanzarote: Fruit |

The fruit of course was amazing. The best watermelon I’ve ever tasted, and such a sweet pineapple too. I actually went through 1 and a half pineapples whilst there (my mum ate the other half!) it tasted that good. We also tried a dragonfruit, which was very mildly sweet, and a lot brighter than expected! Plantain crisps are something I’ve tried before, but i got a couple of bags whilst there and they were great to snack on throughout the day.

As we had a villa, we ate breakfast there, had a little walk, came back for lunch and to relax during the hottest period and then ate out for dinner. So for lunches, it was often sandwiches on freshly baked bread or salads. Funnily enough, we actually had a Lidl just round the corner from our villa!

Eating in Lanzarote: Shopping |

I was pretty amazed at how big some of the vegetables were – I mean, just look at those sweet potatoes and butternut squashes! Just one of them could have easily fed our house of 5. And then some. The mangos and melons were also pretty big, and thankfully, it was all fairly cheap. Not shockingly cheap, but around the same price you’d expect in the UK. The upside is that this fruit/veg was fresher and bigger!

Eating in Lanzarote: Eating Out |

Something I found quite interesting and a little odd, but of course totally genius, was these sachets of olive oil and a wine vinegar – the perfect accompaniment to salads. Maybe these exist in England, but I’ve never seen them before!

Most of the restaurants had very similar menus. Basically tapas, steak, fish or pasta/pizza. There were quite a few Chinese restaurants, and a few Irish pubs serving food, but for the most part you’re looking at the more traditional touristy places that cater for a range of eaters. As a vegetarian, I did sometimes find this difficult. A lot of places offered either roasted veggies or a lasagne as a vegetarian option, and not much else besides getting something made to order from the meaty meals. That said, there was only one night were I was really fussy. Most of the time I managed fine. I think my favourite meal has to be the vegetable paella above. It was so good, my mum and I decided we needed to eat it again, and that’s why we only visited 6 different restaurants… One thing that I noticed a lot of was parmesan cheese in vegetarian dishes. I had a spaghetti one night, and two waiters asked me if I wanted parmesan, so that’s obviously something that people need to be aware of.

The food prices were pretty reasonable, with a meal coming in at around €7 to €10 for most things. This of course depended on what you were eating (steak was a tad more expensive!) and the restaurant. With a lot of the same menus it’s easy to just pick one at random, but some were a lot cheaper than others. At most places a paella for one came to around €13, but the place we went to had one for €10. It’s worth looking around, that’s if you can avoid/ignore all the pushy staff trying to get you in their restaurant! After each meal we would be presented with the bill, and a shot… mostly it was a honey flavoured drink, and they were all super strong for me!

Strawberry daiquiri. I spent half the week searching for a strawberry daiquiri cocktail (my favourite!) in a bar, and when I did find one it was huge! Certainly tasty though, and that was me sorted for the rest of the night. Nothing better than an alcoholic drink that tastes just like a fruity slushie!

Eating in Lanzarote: Indulging |

And finally, here are two of the not-so-healthy meals I had. Apologies for the dark photos – we ate at around 8pm each night so the sun had already set, and the lighting was never very bright! The first is a ‘burrito’, but to me, they were enchiladas… right? I knew what to expect anyway as my brother had eaten one the night before. Despite being filled with veggies, and with a little bit of rice and guac on the side, this definitely didn’t feel healthy! The other meal is a huge veggie burger that I found in an Irish pub. Not the traditional food you’d find in Lanzarote, but you know, when you’re craving a burger, you gotta get a burger. It was a little disappointing to be honest. Mostly potato with carrot and peas in there too. Regardless, it did the job! I felt very full after this one.

One food that I wish I’d got a photo of was the traditional canarian potatos with mojo sauce. They seemed to have been cooked some way in a lot of salt, and it was almost like a crust on them. They were tasty though and the mojo sauce had a good kick to it.

So after a full week of eating in Lanzarote and not having to cook, it was definitely difficult coming home and getting back in the swing of things. I still haven’t mastered getting my lunches back on track, so that’s something I’m working on. Just looking through all this now is making me hungry!