Eating healthy crisps?

I’m not really what you would call a ‘crisp person’. Of course I love a good bag of cheese and onion walkers (despite thinking that onion is the worst vegetable to ever exist. ever.) but given the choice over a chocolate bar or crisps, I’d probably go for chocolate. I know people who could eat a few bags at once, or throughout the day, and I just don’t crave that. However, when I spotted these vegetable crisps in Aldi, I knew I had to pick them up.

lifeofkitty vegetable crisps

These are Glennans vegetable crisps, and they’re described on the packet as ‘nothing-but-natural, melt in-the-mouth, loved-to-bits sweet potato and plantain crisps’. Interesting, right? Sprinkled with a bit of sea salt, these crisps don’t need to have lots of flavours added in; the flavour is in the crisp itself. The ingredients for this packet are: vegetable in variant proportions (orange sweet potato and plantain), sunflower oil and sea salt.

I love sweet potato, though I have to be in the mood for it. Anyone who likes sweet potato will know that yes, they can be very sweet. Now I’m going to admit something a little silly here… When I picked these up, I didn’t give plantain a thought. I saw sweet potato and it was in the basket. Upon opening the packet I saw the plantain and was like oh, banana! I hate bananas, so it worried me. Taking to google, I discovered that, although in the same family, plantain is not the same as a banana. They’re not as sweet, and used sort of like a potato in it’s native countries. Hey, you learn something new every day!

I think the sea salt on these is a good amount. You can taste the salt but it doesn’t over power the sweet flavours in the vegetables, and it doesn’t feel unhealthy. Not like a packet of regular salt and vinegar crisps does! Of the two vegetables, I actually preferred the plantain as it was more savoury than sweet and, mixed together in a pack, they compliment each other really well. The texture is similar to a regular crisp, which makes you forget that you’re eating a range of vegetables instead of just potato. They also have that moreish feeling, and I can definitely imagine finishing this bag in one go!

I’m a little confused with the company though. All information that I can find on Glennans Vegetable Crisps is from a few years ago. They seem to have sold to Tyrrells, yet I can’t find the combination on Tyrrells website. My packet also still says Glennans. Strange! When searching online they do appear on the Tesco and Sainsburys website but show as unavailable. Maybe something only Aldi/Lidl seem to find and stock?

Despite all that confusion, I know that now I definitely need to try more vegetable crisps! They’re actually pretty tasty! Whilst they’re not necessarily a really healthy snack, they are the healthier option if you’re a crisp addict! If you’ve got any particular favourites, I’d love to hear them!