Do I need a University Study Plan?

The answer is… yes! I really think I need to have more of a routine this year with my studying, as this year actually matters (you know… last years grades didn’t actually go towards anything). I want better grades than last year, so I definitely need to put more effort in!

imageAnyway, I bought a pack of 10 of these Europa notebooks as they came in 5 colours. I have 5 modules, so I can use a colour per module and keep everything properly separate.
This paper is clairefontaine, so it’s good quality too. I bought all ten for around £11 or something – definitely worth checking out! Last year I used loose paper and it really didn’t work for me. I prefer to have everything together, and in an obvious order.

The plan is to:

– Print out lecture slides before the lecture (if available)
– Write notes on those during the lecture. (I will either file these away or recycle the paper… I don’t know yet)
– Make sure each lecture is written up in corresponding notebook before the end of the week. I want to make sure that I properly understand what I’ve done that week.
– Add more detail in those notes, using books & internet when writing up.
– When it comes to revision, use second notebook to do mind maps, re-write notes etc.

My shelf above my desk contains all important bits that I’ll need – folder, notebooks and my animal/reference books. (More on the way!) The folder is going to be used for handouts for each modules – I don’t usually get a lot so they’ll be fine in here.

Let’s hope I can actually keep to this! Do you plan for university studying?