DIY: Christmas Bookmarks

What kind of reader are you? Do you find any scrap of paper, an old receipt, a wrapper – anything to mark your place in the book – or do you just fold down the corner of the page? I’m of the first kind. I really hate dog-earing my pages, and will use anything as a bookmark. I actually own quite a few and they can often be found dotted around my room, so it’s not too much of an issue, but today I’m bringing you some home-made Christmas bookmarks and ideas!

Life of Kitty | Christmas Bookmarks

Yes, I sat down with my sketchbook and drew my own bookmarks, and I’ve uploaded them for you to use. I kept the originals plain in colour, and then scanned them in to the computer and adjusted on Photoshop. I had to make the backgrounds properly white, and I did two coloured designs too. So here’s where I admit my shabby forward planning: when printing I realised that we had barely any ink in either of the two printers, and I really wanted this post up. The yellow one is supposed to be green – but actually I quite like the yellow! The files contain the images below, and they’re not perfect. I wouldn’t call myself a brilliant artist, but you know, they’re home-made and they’re useful!

Life of Kitty | Christmas Bookmarks

I have uploaded both a PDF and a jpeg into a Dropbox folder (make sure you choose landscape when printing). You could either print the PDF and use my colours or colour your own in, or open the jpeg in photoshop (or other program!) and use the magic wand to select sections to colour. It’s really easy, and what better way to get some crafting in eh? You don’t have to use mine of course, have a go at drawing your own! If you have young kids, it’s a good way to keep them occupied.


life of kitty