Currently Loving #5

It has been a while, right? The last time I did one of these was Currently Loving #4 back in August, and I can confirm I am still loving all those things… Especially the Graze Lemon Drizzle flapjacks and Dance Moms… I actually feel like I could have a slight addiction to those flapjacks.

Currently Loving #5 |

Being able to Drive and Listen To My Own Music

I knew there was a reason for these ‘Best of’ albums! Okay so I’m still sad that the Mcfly tour is over and I’m enjoying the fact that I can just get in the car and have good music playing. Even caught my mum listening to it whilst I’m not there! How great is it being able to drive though? My full license finally came through a couple of days ago. I’ve been able to get to the gym easily, get to work easily, nip to the shops, loads! Still a little nervous and I still haven’t gotten used to the petrol car (why is diesel so much easier?!) but I’m getting there. Really I need to get out more to new places because I’m sticking to the same routes.

Autumn and Halloween Yankee Candles

The Salted Caramel candle has to be one of the BEST things I have ever smelled. I need to buy a bigger version before it disappears. The Halloween Yankle Candles are also amazing. My favourite smells tend to be the spicy, cinnamon and sweet ones so these are all right up my street.

Wispa Gold Hot Chocolate & Cosy Jumpers

I feel like these go together. We are definitely in jumper (and hat, scarf & gloves!) weather now and if you know me, you’ll know I’m not good with the cold. To be honest I’ve been drinking hot chocolate all summer, but then I discovered this one and everything changed. Caramel and bubbles in hot chocolatey goodness. Also loving this jumper which was totally inspired by Lauren! (I may have also bought that bee shirt…) I’ve since bought another jumper at Primark and damn they are killing it this year. They’re just so cosy and warm!

Tetley’s Super Fruits Tea – Peach & Orange

My body gave in to a cold last week so I bought this tea when I was on a mission to buy cold remedies. Did it help my cold? I don’t know. I only properly suffered for a couple of days so it could have helped! Doesn’t matter though because the taste is amazing! I’ve never liked peaches, but I do love the peach in this mixture. Plus it makes the whole room smell great – as a couple of people at work pointed out this week!

What are you currently loving?


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