Currently Loving #3

Hello Sunday! I’ve actually had a really good week, and I’m not entirely sure why it has felt so good. I’m still on a high from Friday’s rugby match to be honest. I did lose both of my Euros sweepstakes in the semi finals – damn Wales and Germany. But yeah anyway, random ramble… Here’s what I’m currently loving!

Currently Loving #3

Rugby League

This season man. Whilst I was at university I hardly watched any matches because 1. I was in Carlisle and 2. we didn’t have sky. This year I’ve been able to watch a lot of matches and I’m loving it – yep, even the matches that aren’t Wigan! Being at the stadium with all our fans singing their hearts out, cheering and getting behind them is amazing. Like on Friday we were two points behind, had one less man on the pitch and a ref that was being totally bias (he was, he really was) and everyone was so loud. We scored with less than a minute to go. Everyone was on the feet, jumping and screaming haha! I may have fist pumped a few times… It was so stressful and tense, but that’s what makes it SO much better than watching football. Yeah, I get passionate about my rugby. (Also – we are top of the league!)

Getting out on my bike

I recently pulled my bike back out, and I’ve done a few trips out on it. Nothing better than speeding through a quiet woodland path, darting round corners and flying down hills. Okay so getting back over those hills (especially after a gym session) is not as fun, but still… I just love the rush of going down hills to be honest.

Running Like a Girl – Alexandra Heminsley

More sport? I started listening to this audiobook and I am loving it! I’ve always enjoyed reading these sorts of books, but I’ve discovered that the audio versions are soo much better. I would recommend this to anyone who either enjoys running, wants to get into running or thinks they’ll hate running… It is so funny, I was listening to it on the train station platform earlier this week and just giggling to myself.

Home Grown Strawberries

You just can’t beat them. We bought this strawberry plant early last year I think. Might have been earlier. We didn’t think it would make it through the bad winter and random snowy periods that we had, but this past week it has been blooming and blooming well! They fruits are just so sweet and juicy.

Once Upon A Time

I first started watching this before I went to university and then just completely forgot about it. I couldn’t remember where I got up to, so I’ve restarted it this week and am already three quarters of the way through the first season. So many things I’d forgotten about. I just really love the whole fairy tale idea and theme.

What are you loving at the moment?


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