Currently Loving #2

My last ‘Currently Loving’ post was in March, but yes, I’m keeping this series going. So much can change within a matter of weeks… We seem to have finally found Spring, and here’s what I’m currently loving!

Currently Loving #2 |

Denim & Spring Clothing

Aren’t these shoes cute! They’re from Tesco and I bought them for my holiday in March. Not gonna lie they make my heels hurt but hey, they look good. This denim jacket was huge on me when I first got it (a few years ago!) but now it fits a little bit better and I’m loving it. I don’t have many jackets suitable for nicer weather, so this one has been used a lot in the past couple of weeks… Need to update my wardrobe!

Sims 4

The ultimate procrastination tool. I hadn’t been on for months, and then Lauren’s snapchat of her sims house made me want to play and I’ve spent countless hours in the past couple of weeks making my house look perfect… Which you’ll already know about if you read my recent post on procrastination

ELF Make up

So I’ve never been a big make up wearer, and I couldn’t tell you anything about brands, but recently I’ve actually been making an effort. Still can’t do amazing eyes, but you know, I’m getting somewhere. I tried e.l.f for the first time and it’s great. I have the mist setting spray thing and it actually works. My foundation sits right and I don’t just look like I have a weird cakey dry face. Plus it’s cruelty free. I’ve been slowly replacing all my cosmetics to cruelty free, and my make up is 90% there, my hair/body stuff is there and other things I’m still working on.

Game of Thrones

SO AMAZING. This series has definitely been the best yet. Usually the series takes a few episodes to get into the action but we’ve been thrown right in and I love it. Maybe it’s the absence of a book storyline in some parts, but it just feels different this time round. I’ve been watching every episode on the Monday, which is like, amazing for me. Last season I had to binge watch them because I got so behind. Also, I’m kind of in love with one person. I feel like I have a mild huge obsession right now.

AfterBuzz Podcasts

I mentioned it in this post about Learning to Switch Off, but I’m seriously loving the AfterBuzz podcasts. I’ve been listening to the Game of Thrones and Vampire Diaries ones after each episode, and it is sooo good to hear other opinions and discussion on each episode. It also results in me giggling to myself on the train to work. Always fun.

I’ve also been feeling really positive and happy this week, so that’s nice too. What about you?


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