Currently Loving #1

Ever have months where you just become obsessed with one thing? Well as with everyone I’m sure, I’m always finding new things to love and obsess over so I thought I’d start showing you what I’m currently loving. These will be regular but I can’t say how regular – it depends on what I’m doing! Probably once a month at the minimum. So what’s on the currently loving list at the moment then?

Currently Loving


I’ve tried so many things to keep track of my blog information, and I think this is the final one. I’m finding it so much easier to have all information in this notebook, with space to add lists and notes and whatever else I want. The bullet journal method just makes everything feel that little more streamlined and organised – I know exactly what’s what!


I’m back from Lanzarote and I’ve just fallen in love with the cactus plant. They just come in all shapes and sizes, are cute/ugly/strange/funny, and I have dreams of filling a house with them. That obviously won’t happen for a while… But in the meantime I have this super cute top to tide me over! I bought it from a shop called Bershka whilst over in Lanzarote, but it seems like there’s a shop over here too! It was only 6€ – bargain!


So I also bought these whilst in Lanzarote, but Ritter Sport is actually part of a German brand of chocolate… Nevertheless, these are tasty, and the cornflake one surprisingly doesn’t taste like cornflakes. Just gives a good crunch! If you could see my desk right now, you’d see more of these chocolates, a kinder bueno, a flake and a milky way. I don’t have a chocolate problem. Nope.


This book was not what I expected at all, but I loved it. So many shocks and emotions. It’s due out on the 24th March and I’ll have a review up on Thursday so keep an eye out for that!


This cute little A7 sized notebook comes from Rose & Dawn*. It’s small enough to sit on my desk without taking up a lot of room, handy for quick notes, or to fit in a pocket whilst out. When I was asked if I wanted to take a look at the products, I couldn’t say no. Notebooks are my downfall, they really are. Add on a quirky pattern and well, I’m in.

The cover designs come from photographs that have been taken and then repeated to create pattern. Pretty nifty, right? The cover is actually pretty thick and feels hard wearing, so that’s good. I also did a quick paper test for you guys to see the quality and all pens had faint ghosting but only the sharpie showed through. Now that’s thick paper! There’s a few different sized notebooks up on the shop as well as some greeting cards, so check it out!

Rose and Dawn Notepad

What have you been loving lately?


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