Craft: Using washi tape to decorate a glass jar.

Lately, I’ve been looking for some simple (and cheap!) ideas, to spruce up my bedroom. As I said in an earlier post, my room doesn’t feel very ‘me’ at the moment. I’ve been turning to Pinterest almost daily, and one thing that always appears in the craft/diy ideas is washi tape. Washi is pretty, fairly cheap, and can be found in a few UK shops (paperchase, the works, wilkinsons to name a few) as well as online. It’s great because it can be used for so many different things, and here I’m using washi tape to make a simple glass jar look a little more interesting!

All you need is:
Washi tape
Glass jar
And around 5 minutes of time!

The jar that I’ve used is a sauce jar which we used for dinner a few nights ago! If you’re using something similar, just make sure it has had a good wash, and that you’ve peeled as much of the label off as possible. Mine was still a little sticky on one side, so I’m just using that as the back! Then, pick your washi tape and start taping! It’s really simple, and all you need to do is start on one side and wrap one layer at a time. You could change the pattern/colour after each line, or do it the same all the way down. You could change it up even more by taping vertical lines – get creative! On mine, you can see the edges of the tape, but I figure that will be at the ‘back’ and won’t actually be on view!

And here we are: the finished product! I think it looks pretty. You can see a few creases and I was thinking of taking the very bottom layer off, however when it’s on my desk with everything else, the creases aren’t actually noticeable.

You can use this jar to store anything you like, for example flowers (or leaves – how is it that my house or garden has no flowers at all?!) or pens. You could even do it with another type of container to have something a little different! If you’ve had a vase for a while, and fancy a change, just stick some washi on it and it’ll feel like you’ve got something new!

I can see myself adding a few more of these to my room, and actually buying some flowers to put them in! Have you done this before, or thinking about giving it a go? I’d love to see your results!