Craft: SMASH book page from start to finish.

Okay, so I’m actually using a ‘La-De-Dah’ book rather than the specific ‘smashbook’ brand, but the general idea is the same. This brand is just more widely available in the UK, and a little cheaper! An advantage, in my opinion, is that you can also add in new pages easily – you’ll see me using this in the video!

Anyway, getting on to the actual point of this post, I have started to smash the photos and bits from my trip to Scotland with my boyfriend. It’s going in the ‘relationship’ book which I have showed previously. I’ve actually just realised that there are a couple of pages that I’ve done, which I really like, but haven’t posted about – maybe soon!

Youtube offers so many videos showing pages being done, and I thought it would be interesting to do my own. Just getting the tripod in the right position was a task in itself! I ended up placing it on my desk in front of me with the camera lens almost flat to the table – as flat as I could get it without the tripod toppling over. Is that how everyone else does it? Hmmm. It seemed to work okay though, even if I did have to keep standing on my chair to check the camera. My DSLR is quite old, and whilst it does film in HD, it doesn’t always film for very long. It really decides itself how long it wants to do – the longest I’ve managed is around 20 minutes. By the end of filming my camera was very hot and warning me of the temperature on the screen! Oh dear!

If you didn’t want to watch the video (it’s 8 minutes long, but that’s nothing compared to some videos I watch!) here are some stills instead! I’m really pleased with this page, and I also quite liked looking back through the video so I’ll definitely do some more of that!