Craft: Mache Letter Decoration

Last summer I bought one of these mache letters from Hobbycraft, and it has been sitting on my desk ever since. I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I bought it, and I’ve finally done it! This craft is really simple, and I think the finished result looks great when on display. (Hey, maybe it would even work as a gift!)

What you will need:
+ A mache letter
+ Card
+ Scissors
+ Glue/double-sided tape
+ Pencil
+ Paint

1. Draw around your letter onto the back of each piece of card. Make sure you’ve drawn around each side once, and not one side twice! (Not such a problem for the K and some other letters, but best to make sure!) 2. Cut the card letters out!

3. Paint around the outside edges of your mache letter – I went with black but you could use whatever colour you liked. It doesn’t matter how neat the paint is, as long as the edges are all covered.

4. Place the sticky tape or glue onto the letter, and stick your card onto it.

Ta Da! Easy-peasy! Mine has different patterns on each side, but you could do it all the same of course. I did actually have a few white edges where my sticking/cutting out wasn’t great, but I snipped them off and filled in the bits I couldn’t cut with a sharpie!

I’m sure you could do this with wooden letters too, and you could experiment with all sorts of words – you could even use thinner letters and stick them on a wall. Now that I’ve done it, I just want to do more!

What do you think?