Attempting Hand Lettering

Is this crafty? Hmm, well it’s surely arty, right? I’m always admiring people who can do super neat, (and pretty!) hand lettering. I always see those posters on pinterest and basically I’d just like to do my own. Since I have a SMASH book, hand-lettering is something that I’d love to incorporate into my pages. It’ll just feel so much more personal! (And means I’ll need less letter stickers, saving on money!)

I’ve been researching it, and haven’t found much help online to be honest. If anyone knows any great websites that will help me, I would be forever grateful! One thing I did read though, is that you don’t need to be able to draw… I can’t draw at all. My practising so far has been a bit iffy. I think some bits look okay, but I’m terrible at getting the letters the same size. Drawing guidelines on my page is helpful, but also takes time…

I did draw guidelines on some bits, but mostly tried some freehand. I like the straight letters with a block thingy – I can kind of do those fairly neatly anyway! I know one tip that I read was to use graph paper, but I had a spare sketchbook, and I thought it would be great to do all my lettering in here to see how it improves over time. (Plus, I don’t own any graph paper!)

Doing 3D letters though is definitely a challenge. These ones look like a child drew them! (Though I like the ones with a swirl!) I’ve never been able to do ‘bubble writing’ as a child, so this is one thing that will need practise… Anyone remember being in primary school and the kids who could do bubble writing would be super popular when the time came for drawing posters and such? It was like that in my primary school!

I bought these pens from Rymans, because the fineliner that I did have was really thick and kind of bled into the paper. The 0.05 is super thin, so will come in handy later on when I get to adding small details. The 0.3 pen is what I used to draw over the ‘hello’ and ‘dream’ above, and it worked great!

I feel like this is a good challenge, and I’m kind of wishing I’d done my 100 day project on this! That would have looked cool on my instagram, eh? Anyway, I’ve been finding inspiration on pinterest, and have created a board if you’re interested. Would love to hear from others who do their own lettering though, especially if you come with advice ;) haha!